Bristol based visual artist

Everything from simulations to installations

VFX shots created in Houdini, it's my go to space for designing anything sim related. Whether it be pyro, fluids or VEX based, I create tools to get the job done efficiently while maintaining ease of adaptions from client feedback. Due to the procedural nature of Houdini, solutions are rather adaptive.

Audio reactive visuals created in Touchdesigner. Similar to Houdini in procedural nature, my TD setup called "Dexterity" is a powerful realtime multi layer compositing tool, which consists of multiple scenes designed around live performance. No more VJ loops, we have the power to explore 3D scenes in reatime.



Houdini - Nuke - After Effects

Large scale photoreal simulations made in SideFX Houdini. Pyro, Fluid, Particles, RBD.



Touchdesigner - Dexterity

VJing is a creative outlet I explore as performance art, regularly playing shows / creating interesting new scenes. The software I use is Touchdesigner, it's akin to Max MSP in how you make everything from scratch.

Currently, I'm building a library of scenes, audio driven 3D spaces that are rendered live & I manipulate with MIDI controllers. I tend to explain it to promoters as the difference between a DJ set and live hardware set, but for visuals.

While pre-made VJ clips are crisper, my scenes have unlimited flexibility and control.